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Perfect Computing Electronic - School Management System

PCE-SMS is a set of programs, mainly designed to manipulate all the administrative duties of a School/College in an powerful manner. Also referred to as school ERP software, faculty ERP software handles all the ones tedious duties which earlier needed to be taken care of through a specific character with the use of pen and paper.

School ERP software acts as a vital dashboard where all of the stakeholders- principals, control, teachers, and parents can get right of entry to any vital information, anytime. With this software, teachers can spend greater time on teaching and student progress, parents can live updated with their ward’s performance, the management can easily manipulate all the tricky and time-taking administrative responsibilities, and principal can monitor and manage every single action being performed inside and out of the school premises.

Right from handling attendance, to online fee payment, a comprehensive school ERP lets you do it all. The idea is to streamline the functioning of a college, thus enhancing the pleasant of training being delivered. Powered with present day technologies together with cloud computing, gadget learning, and records analytics, this School/College ERP guarantees absolute security and restoration of records. Decision-makers and management can also restriction get right of entry to to sensitive statistics as a college ERP gives role-based get admission to to the stakeholders.

For parents, faculty ERP software program keeps them up to date with how their ward is performing. Whether they need to track their child’s attendance, or view homework and report cards, a faculty ERP permits it all, making it less complicated for parents to take essential steps on every occasion required. This, in turn, helps within the holistic improvement in their ward.

Why PCE-SMS is important for your Schools/Colleges?

Managing day-to-day administrative obligations was in no way an clean piece of labor for colleges. With the assist of technological advancements, college management has now become less complicated than ever. PCE-SMS permits colleges to go paperless and control the whole thing with just a single click. Be it circulating vital news and occasions or producing receipts and report cards, it could all be without problems achieved in no time.

PCE-SMS can change your school campus into an advanced computerized campus. Every administrative tasks can be observed on a single platform in the most effective manner. Also, it additionally helps in improving partner cooperation and give an upgraded understanding to the guardians and students. PCE-SMS is a one-stop solution for dealing with the every day administrative tasks so a school can work in a superior manner.

Key Features of Online Registration Module:-


Global Access

Eco - friendly

Online Registration Fee can be taken.

Key Features of Student Module:-

All the modules are interlinked with the student information system which enables a school to fetch any type of information with just one click.

Any report such as fees due, attendance, etc. can be generated with the help of the student information system by just one click

Key Features of School Fee Management Module:-

School Fee Management: A person can deposit the fees through an online portal and no longer need to visit the school physically.

No Late Fees: Our school management software prevents the chance of late fee and thus, prevents you from any penalties which may be levied on.

Check Defaulters of Unpaid School Fees: PCE-SMS enables a school manager and a principal to check for any defaulters who have not paid any school fees.

Reconciliation: PCE-SMS enables a school admin to check for payments which have been received and which are yet to be received. In other words, it enables a school to reconcile the revenue generated in an academic year whether it is on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

After Fill the form you will get the PCE-SMS Demo URL & their Credential

Benefits of School Exam & Result Management:-

Ease Of Use: A school can generate beautiful report cards with just a single click.

Analysis: With the assist of this module a faculty can carry out detailed evaluation of a student based totally on his/her past performance because the time he has joined the faculty and may devise a calculative strategy to understand a student's KPAs (Key Performance Areas)

Reliability: The biggest benefit of having an exam and result module of our school erp software is that a school no longer has to depend on any third party vendor to print a report card thus, preventing loss of data.

Benefits of School Staff Payroll Management:-

Easy Handling: Salary Reports can be generated by a single click.

Accurate Maintenance: Data is maintained accurately

Ease of Access/Portability: Data can be accessed on the go.

Benefits of School Financial Accounting:-

Transparency: Our school management software is a complete transparent solution since income and expenditure are accounted automatically thus, leaving no room for any manipulation.

Accuracy: PCE-SMS is absolutely accurate since everything is taken care of through an automatic process.

Benefits of School Inventory Management:-

Accountability: Since every item is accounted for our inventory management module leave no room for error/misplacement.

Organized: Every item is compiled in a systematic manner and can be viewed easily by a person who has the authority to do so.

Benefits of School Attendance Management:-

Organized Record: A systematic and organized data log is maintained by PCE-SMS which can be accessed by principal, teacher and parents.